About Spectrum

Passion for Engineering and Technology

Spectrum Embedded Solutions is a next-generation upcoming technology company established in 2006. We are a Rapidly Blooming Electronic Product Development Consultant, offering extensive customized services and solutions along with Low Volume Manufacturing. We offer end-2-end product design, services including Industrial design, mechanical design, and hardware/software design and manufacturing support, to global OEMs in the wireless and consumer electronics industry. We are a team of experts with the high degree of integrity and passion for engineering.
About company

Our Core Values

It’s really important to come up with the core values that you can commit to. If you are willing to commit, then you are well on your way to build a company culture that is inline with the brand you want to build.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. At Spectrum, we ensure the quality of products than anything else.
The most important way of being Reliable is following through commitments. If you give your word, people expect that you will do what you say. We as Spectrum don’t boast about anything but that can be achieved in reality
E-Waste reduction
Protect your surroundings. Conserve the natural resources. Say ‘NO’ to E-Waste. Spectrum ensures no E-Waste by achieving less than 1% rejection in the products, and recycling the rejections
Eco-friendly and Carbon Neutrality
Eco-friendly practices minimize environmental impact through sustainable resource use and recycling. Carbon neutrality balances carbon emissions with offsets, promoting a healthier planet and combating climate change.
Lead Free
Let's redefine progress in the electronics industry by embracing lead-free designs, where safety and sustainability go hand in hand, setting new standards for innovation with a conscience.
Social Responsibility
Innovation is our expertise, but social responsibility is our purpose. Let's use our resources and expertise to create positive change and leave a lasting impact on society.
Our Vision
Our Vision
To be a leading design house, in providing end-to-end product development services and solutions that get embedded into cutting-edge products world-wide.
Our Mission
Our Mission
Helping the community by "DOING THE RIGHT THING, IN THE RIGHT WAY, AT THE RIGHT TIME" and support with higher social responsibility.

At Spectrum, we develop projects at our customer satisfaction in all domains. Research is followed in every aspect to upgrade the customized  products and provide the experience level on par with the realistic future, thus meeting the expectations of the clients.